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What You Should Know Before Investing in a Photographer

what you should know before investing in a photographer

I’ve seen WAY too many posts in Facebook wedding groups lately from brides who never saw their wedding day photos. I hear client stories about past experiences that give photographers a bad rep. Go into your photography investment informed and with confidence.

Don't know where to start? Here's what you should know before investing in a photographer:

1. Read reviews and look for social proof.

Just like when you shop on Amazon, look for reviews. Keep in mind newer photographers might have fewer testimonials. Google Business listings and Facebook Business Pages are most commonly used by professional photographers. You can also find testimonials posted on a website or social media profiles but always look for the source.

P.S. Leaving your professional a review online is so valuable and is encouraged.

2. Find the editing style you like.

What styles are you drawn to? Is it bright and airy, darker and moodier, warm and soft, or true-to-life tones you like in the final images? If you're not sure, create a board on Pinterest and start pinning images there. Afterward, look through the images and find which category your tastes fall in.

Look through portfolios on websites and social profiles. Choose a professional based on their color tones, posing styles, and consistency in the portfolio. There is a photographer for every vibe and budget.

3. Always have a contract

The purpose of a contract is to protect both parties with clear expectations on services to be rendered. Even professionals who are newer in the field should have access to a generic photography contract. No contract is a major red flag!

4. Know your budget

What are you willing to spend? Don’t be afraid to state your budget when looking for the photographer for you. Most professionals can set up a payment plan for your investment.

Taking a risk with a “cheaper” option sometimes bears a greater cost. A wedding day is an unrepeatable, once-in-a-lifetime event, and I highly recommend investing in someone who has wedding day experience.

These points apply to all types of photography investments.

Go into your investment for your wedding day, your branding headshots, or your family photoshoots with confidence in the creative you hire. Avoid the stress of your photographer ghosting you a week before your session, or never seeing a photo from an important life event.

Use this guide to help you invest in the photographer FOR you. If you're ready to book a photographer you can trust to be professional, send me a message at to schedule a consultation.

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